Owner, Founder and Creative Director

Earnest Hlow

As head of the Creative Intelligence, Ernst HLOW sets the tone of the brand’s objectives and directions. Armed with a master degree in Art Direction and extensive experience in the creative field Ernst HLOW was able to conceive the brand HLOW that 10 years later is still on a creative crescendo. He has developed over the years strong interpersonal and communication skills while working with international brands located in 37 countries.

His leadership and creative skills brought to HLOW, stem from dealing successfully with a lot of challenges along a diverse client experience including:

Animal health, pet food, laboratories, animal pharmaceuticals and feed additives, restaurants, real estate, contracting, development, retail stores, delicatessen, automotive industry, consulting/management, culture & education, entertainment, environmental, fashion, beauty products, clothing, hair care, financial services, banks, furniture, insurance, jewelry, hospitals, yachts, holdings, shipping, events, packaged goods, water, products, food, drinks, medicine, construction, shopping, telecommunications, ISP, technology and many more industries.

Ernst also ventures into various entrepreneurial projects. He is a traveler and a truth seeker, constantly reading self-development materials. He has a flair for the positive and is constantly trying to improve and contribute for a better world. Ernst received his education in art from ALBA Académie Libanaise des Beaux-Arts.

Ernst Hlow is also founder and creator of:
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Creative, Entrepreneur, Positive Thinker, Free Spirit